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linerCUT Pro® – The Field-Proven Milling Tool Series Designed Specifically for Opening and Grinding of CIPP Liners.

New generations of CIPP liners require ever more advanced cutting tooling, particularly for opening of lateral connections.

Specially engineered for this purpose, our linerCutPro® Tooling Series provides the solutions you need.

This established product line, designed specifically for opening of CIPP liners, has now been expanded by popular demand to include ball milling heads in various diameters. linerCutPro® tooling provides precise and highly effective material removal without bounce-out or lateral displacement during the milling process. Their virtually vibration-free milling action goes easy on operators' nerves and reduces stress and wear on the robot's drive shaft and bearings.

Their smooth operation provides big advantages, especially for rehab work on large-diameter lines which normally require use of extensions for increased working radius.

Exhibitor: SDT-Technology GmbH

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