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Change of characteristic values for liners over DN 875

With the renewal of the DIBt-approval for the Brandenburger Liner BB2.5 we have also obtained a change of the physical figures (DIBt-approval Z-42.3-490 point, section 4 and point 9).

The new long-term characteristics have a positive influence on the calculation of the wall thickness referring to DWA-M 144-3. One full wall thickness step lower can be even realized at a DN 900.

All liners over DN 875 are now having a higher modulus of elasticity.

(Circumference) modulus of elasticity, short-term: 16.875 N/mm²
Modulus of elasticity in bending, short-term: 13.600 N/mm²
Short-term bending stress: 200 N/mm²

Exhibitor: Brandenburger Liner GmbH & Co. KG

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